Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fish Boulders

More stuff arrived at the Cave today – jumper cables and more pieces of sundry electrical equipment that mean nothing to me, but hopefully mean something to Doug. It is amazing how you can get rid of a bunch of stuff in one country and then find you need to accumulate much the same stuff again in a different country. It would be nice to be an absolute minimalist and own virtually nothing but we like to climb, hike, kayak and ski too much for that.

The storage modifications to the caravan, at least to my untutored eye appear almost complete, which, is undoubtedly a relief to Doug who has been working like a navvy on the railway.

Today I continued my search for good bouldering spots nearby and walked down the bush steps to Prince Edward Park where I found the Fish Boulders. These are the best I have found for an old lady – I turn 50 in a couple of weeks – who sucks at bouldering. Not too high, not too steep, lots of holds, safe landings. Next time I'll take my rock shoes down. I came back via a different set of bush steps and tracks and checked out another bouldering area on the way back but liked it a lot less. 

Fish Boulders by the Woronora River

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